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COOL KIDS @ The Independent

I promise I went to this concert but forgot my camera. Went to the after-party also but was home before 1 cause I had to be at a custody hearing this morning in SF Superior Court. Twas fun, though one of the girls from the cute lil East Bay group Hot Tub got up during the Cool Kids’ set and tried to rap… BOOOED off stage immediately. Heard from the promoter, Steve Brodsky of Mr. RobotoPresents, that the Cool Kids petitioned for their inclusion in the show. Bad move unless they all went for malts afterward, in which case, genius. Oh yeah, and dude from Freebase 808 had on a thin tan tuxedo shirt vest, a tucked in black thermal long-sleeve shirt, and a pair of jeans that looked like they employed that angry SF ZOO tiger in a sweatshop for weeks to create 45 rip-slits per leg in his jeans; he’s from Canadia, yes, Canadia.